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ZD Series Hard Tooth Surface Reducer
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ZD Series Hard Tooth Surface Reducer

Hard Tooth Surface Cylindrical Gear Reducer is manufactured according to the professional standard of the People's Republic of China (JB/T8853-1999). It mainly includes three series: ZDY (single-stage), ZLY (two-stage), ZSY (three-stage). Gears and shafts are processed by carburizing and hardening with the high quality low carbon alloy steel. The hardness of tooth surface is 53~ 62HRC. It has the advantages of large bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, reliable use and so on. It can be applied to mechanical transmission in metallurgy, mining, lifting transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, light industry, energy and other industries.

The high-speed shaft speed does not exceed 1500r/min, and the circumferential speed of gear transmission is not more than 20m/s. Reducers must be lubricated with medium extreme pressure industrial gear oil. Its working environment temperature is -40~45℃, when it is lower than 0℃, lubricant should be preheated before starting.

Main characteristics of reducer:

1. The gear is processed by carburizing and quenching with the high-strength low-carbon alloy steel. The hardness of tooth surface is up to HRC54-62.

2. The gear has high precision, good contact by adopting gear grinding technology.

3. Large load capacity , which is 7 times higher than the load-bearing capacity of the soft and old gear reducer.

4. High transmission efficiency, single-stage up to 98%, two-stage up to 96%, three-stage up to 94%.

5. Long service life.

ZD Hard_tooth Helical Gear Box

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